The winners of the “Am Yisrael Chai during Corona” contest!
Submitted by Baruch Erdstein (Itamar) showing local kids building gardens on Israel Memorial Day on “Hilltop 851 / Or Orot”

The winners of the “Am Yisrael Chai during Corona” contest!

Winning picture: We looked for a picture that showed how, despite the difficulties and challenges during “Corona time”, our nation is alive and well.

To us, this was all captured in this beautiful picture of young boys going to plant a new garden on Yom Ha’Zikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day)

Over 23,000 holy IDF soldiers fought and died so that we could build this land and – especially during these days – these young pioneers were going to do EXACTLY that; build and settle the land!

The picture – submitted by Baruch Erdstein – shows children on Hilltop 851 in Itamar (called “Or Orot”) going to work the holy soil of Eretz Yisrael.

Now THAT’S “Am Yisrael Chai”!!!

Note: A $180 donation will be made by Am Yisrael Chai to the charity of Baruch Erdstein’s choice

Submitted by Kerrie Greenwald – Officer Chaya G. saying Tehillim (on her break) while stationed at a COVID-19 test site !

2nd place – Office Chaya Green saying Tehillim during her break at a Covid-19 testing site in the USA. Once again, even when serving and caring for others, there’s time to stop and pray to Hashem for help from above.

It’s exactly that attitude – the human effort PLUS the trust in Hashem – that helps our nation thrive!









Submitted by Eliezer Langer – Bet Knesset Masas Mordechai (Ramat Bet Shemesh)
The shul is waiting for Am Yisrael to return!

3rd place – The amazing sign on a shul in Israel that says: “Hashem – return to us and we will return to You!”

That message is so important because we are here… we never left.

Yes, due to reasons beyond our control, we cannot daven in shuls right now, but we are dreaming about the day we can – and will – return.

That sign really touched our hearts!