Sukkot in June? Watch this!

Now that Shavuot has ended, the next Torah holiday will be Sukkot.

We realize that Sukkot will be in about 100 days but… you need to get ready!

Meet: David Elmaliach – he wanted to plant 300 etrog trees in Moshav Yagal (near Kfar Chabad) and Am Yisrael Chai was ready to help him!

It will take several years for him to sell these etrogim but NOW is the time to start the journey.

An incredible amount of manual labor is involved in caring for these trees but David (and his son) are ready to take on the challenge!

Watch Shmuel Sackett (founder of AYC) and David plant one of these trees.

This 30 second video shows the start of a very long and difficult process that ends up as the most expensive piece of fruit in the world!