Picture contest! Win $180 for the charity of your choice!

Am Yisrael Chai means “The Nation of Israel LIVES” and this is exactly what we are all about! We help build, farm, educate, care and protect and – no matter what – we are about living, growing and thriving! Therefore, especially during these difficult and challenging times we would love to see how you are keeping that dream of Am Yisrael Chai alive! Take a picture of something that shows Jewish life alive and well. Do not send a graphic or something you found online… to qualify you must email us an original picture that you (or a friend) took. Take a picture of a mother studying Torah with her children, a father wearing Tefillin while davening on the porch or a picture of your teens leaving packages for an older neighbor who is alone. Send us whatever comes to mind so we can see how – despite the obstacles – you figured out a way to keep your connection to the Jewish Nation! While others may be scratching their heads, Am Yisrael Chai means we keep going… so take a picture and send it in. The top 10 pictures will be posted on our site and the one who took the winning picture will receive a $180 check made payable to the Jewish charity of their choice. Please email your pictures directly to me and write a few lines about what it is. I can’t wait to see them all!! By the way, the picture next to this paragraph would have been my submission to this contest (but I can’t win…). It’s a picture of my grandson, Elisha, and what he did – all on his own – during quarantine. He built a little “Mount Sinai” out of sand, with Moshe at the top. Then he put the Children of Israel all around and told me that it is “Am Yisrael getting the Torah”. See what I mean??? That’s Am Yisrael Chai at its best!! Send your pictures to: Shmuel@AmYisraelChaiFund.org – Good luck!!

Deadline to submit your pictures is Lag Ba’Omer (the 18th of Iyar / May 12th)