Words from my Rebbe

I have mentioned many times in this newspaper that my Rebbe was Rabbi Meir Kahane. I studied from him, learned his ways and above everything

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What to Daven For

We all have our lists of what to daven for. Everyone will be focused this Rosh Ha’Shanah on their personal needs which undoubtedly include refuah,

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We Agree with Egypt!

This past summer was a difficult one for the Jews in Israel. It started with a kidnapping/murder  and ended with rockets and missiles on homes,

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We Cease, They Fire!

I have spent the past few weeks speaking in many different Jewish communities in the USA. So far, I have addressed over 2,000 people with

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Pesach in Cancun

I just finished reading a Jewish newspaper that a friend sent me from the States and I am totally confused!!! This paper had over 20

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Spy vs Spy

I admit it. I read MAD magazine as a child growing up. As a matter of fact, I not only read it, I subscribed to

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Two Forgotten Jews

We live in a very busy world, that is getting busier all the time. With all the modern conveniences we have (I really call them

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Stop Blaming John Kerry

Lately, many people have been forwarding me angry emails that they sent to newspapers, magazines and blogs regarding Secretary of State John Kerry. All of

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Stop Running From Iran

As a child I was taught to stay away from certain 4-letter words. I never realized, however, that the list of these 4-letter words would

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The Prayer You Must Say

As Yom Kippur approaches, we all concentrate on our personal lives. We have personal Teshuva to do and many personal requests that we would like

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