The Leader Nobody Knew

The book of B’reisheit ends this Shabbat and the Egyptian slavery is set to begin. Our grandparents are about to endure over 200 years of

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9 Ideas for the 9 Days

The “3 Weeks” have now become the “9 Days” and life has just gotten far more difficult. No laundries, no showers, no swimming and no

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NFL in Israel

While my articles are generally about Israel and the need for Jews to be a strong and proud nation, this article may seem out of

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See the Good in Israel

Jews worldwide are now studying “Nedarim” in the Daf Yomi cycle. Although we are just at the beginning of this section of the Talmud, one

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Living Shmittah

I realize that most people outside of Israel do not think about Shmittah on a regular basis, but to the Israeli farmer this word has

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We Better Act Quickly

Two weeks ago I wrote an article that “a volcano was about to erupt” and I explained all about the terror that is growing daily

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