The Pesach of Today

Imagine, that 20 years ago, you received a phone call from a friend who told you about a financial advisor who was like a prophet.

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Stop, Please Stop!

This article is not an article at all. It’s an “open letter” to all those who are still whining about Barack Obama. Dear friends; I

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The Modern Day Egypt

The beautiful thing about learning the parsha with different commentaries is that many of these great Rabbis ask a simple question that flip things upside

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The Non-Zionist Zionist

I attended a lecture recently on the life of the incredible Klausenberger Rebbe, Yekusiel Yehuda Halbertsam ztz”l. The Rebbe lost his wife and all 11

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How to Live Longer

It’s official! The World Health Organization just released its “Global Health Observatory” report and Japan is the #1 country with the longest life expectancy on

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A Different Pesach

I remember when a good friend of mine lost his mother. He was just 6 weeks into the first year of aveylus (mourning period for

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The Leader Nobody Knew

The book of B’reisheit ends this Shabbat and the Egyptian slavery is set to begin. Our grandparents are about to endure over 200 years of

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