Conquer Gaza Now!

I am typing these words as Hamas rockets rain down on Israel. Millions of Jews are in danger. Schools in southern Israel have been cancelled

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Game Changer

There’s a well-known term that I would like to look at from a different perspective and it’s called “Game Changer”. Political analysts have written many

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Why All the Miracles?

Here’s a basic Jewish history question: From the time the Children of Israel left Egypt, until the time they entered the Promised Land, how many

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Move on with Hashem’s Sign

This week’s parsha contains a very powerful message, especially for me personally. The parsha talks about the Mishkan (Tabernacle) and how it was finally finished!

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We Love Those Babies!

Over 30 years ago, I purchased the sefer “Gateway to Happiness” by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin. I highly recommend it and still learn many Torah lessons

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From Purim to Pesach

When people think of “great Jewish holidays”, Pesach is – unquestionably – towards the top of the list. However, our Rabbis have taught us something

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The Five Words I Hate

I realize the importance of being politically correct but we must be careful, that while following the rules, we still manage to be true to

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Oh, Baby!

I spoke about it, wrote about it and knew it was happening, yet nobody believed me. I had said many times that the Jewish birth

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The Disappearing Jews

We are all familiar with the horrific number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. The number – 6,000,000 – has become part of us and

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