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Today, if you don’t have an “APP”, you can’t function. I pay my parking with PANGO, open my garage door with OXS, know when to

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Peace by Piece

A lot is being written about the “Trump Peace Plan” and experts, on both sides of the political fence, are giving their side of what

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You Can Become Mashiach

The best sefer on the mystery and concept of Mashiach ben Yosef is unquestionably “Kol Ha’Tor”, written by the brilliant sudent of the Vilna Gaon;

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Don’t Run Away

I consider myself an Aliyah “cheerleader and motivator” which means that I encourage Aliyah from a positive and optimistic perspective. I have always advocated the

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How Have You Changed?

During these days of the Corona challenge, everyone is focused on what needs to be done now; masks, gloves, social distancing, washing hands etc… but

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Coming Home

When you’re feeling blue – not sure what to do When your heart is racing, and you can’t stop pacing When you’re depressed all day

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The One Lost Tribe

As I read these Torah portions, I cannot help but think about the 12 Tribes. We have read about their birth and many of the

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Going the Wrong Way

Everyone seems to be complaining about politics these days (and there’s good reason for that!) but I want to take a break from that world

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We Have It Backwards

Every Torah class dealing with the “Three Weeks” and “Nine Days” will focus on one thing; how to repair the “Sinat Chinam” (baseless hatred) that

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Fires Are War!

During this past week, over 100 different fires were started in Jewish communities near the Gaza border. Please read these 3 quotes – from 3

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World Opinion

I have been a Jewish activist for 45 years and every time I speak to people about what must be done to bring true and

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