Annual Pesach Emergency Appeal 2020

As we have been doing for the past 15 years, Moshe Feiglin and I have set up a special “Emergency Pesach Fund” for needy families in Israel. This has nothing to do with politics and is not connected to any political party. Every penny raised goes directly to poor families across Israel. No expenses are taken, no administrative fees are deducted, no salaries, rent… NOTHING!! All money raised is distributed to those who need it!! Just to let you know, in 2018 we raised and distributed: $33,980 and last year we raised and distributed $42,977.

NOTE: Due to the uncertainty of Corona-virus restrictions, I am raising money for this fund earlier than usual. Many stores have started closing and there is a fear that certain foods will run out. Therefore, please send in your donations as soon as possible so that I can get the money to the people immediately.

Let’s help as many families as possible!

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IRS tax deductible number (USA only) 11-3618003