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Since its inception in 2001, the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation (AYC) has flourished with the singular mission to build up and support the agriculture, infrastructure, and people of Israel. As an IRS-approved organization, Am Yisrael Chai finds projects that identify with its goals and missions and provides financial support to help bring them to life.


The following projects are currently being supported by the Am Yisrael Chai Foundation

For the last 18 years, the Israel Dog Unit (IDU) has saved many lives by leading “search and rescue” missions as well as anti-terror patrols. 

The residents of Emanuel are Haredim, with many children, but they do not have a place to help children with special educational needs.

Since its inception, AYC has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to poor families across Israel via two special projects:

AYC has facilitated the planting of 200,000 new fruit trees across Israel, providing livelihood for over 100 farmers and their families.

In 2015, AYC launched its own project to help build Israel. These projects generally do not receive money from any other source and without AYC they would have never been built.

AYC is heavily invested in the future of the Jewish people and continues to work tirelessly to make this a priority.

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